Bedroom Makeover Should Start With The Bed

If you had the time to renovate but one room in your home, chances are it would be your bedroom with its master bathroom. Fit outs  After all, this is where you begin and end each day so it’s only fitting the room be as cheerful and as comfortable as can be. Bedrooms can usually be described as having one of the following functions or characteristics: there are small bedrooms and guest rooms, combined bedrooms and work spaces, bedrooms with sitting areas and bedroom and bath combinations.

When decorating, there are numerous general considerations that apply to all these situations as well as specifics that pertain to each. This week’s book, Bedrooms, Remodeling and Decorating, covers all this, but the following are some of the basics.

The bed itself, of course, is the reason for your room so begin with that in any project or redesign. On a scale drawing, consider the placement of the bed. What will your view be when you awaken or lounge in bed? What will the traffic pattern be as you move from the bed to the bath, to the dressing area and out the door?

Sometimes the size of your room will dictate many of these answers but try to consider the following:

Will you have enough privacy? Will you be rudely awakened by the bright morning sun? Will you have easy access to light switches and alarm clocks? Do you want space for a television or stereo?

With similar planning, you can also make the master bath more convenient to use. In fact, you can create the perception of having separate baths by partitioning the tub from the toilet and the toilet from the sink. This plan works well for a bathroom that is shared between more than one bedroom.

Still, there is more to creating the perfect atmosphere than moving beds and altering bathrooms. Subtle changes such as those made to a room’s lighting and electrical circuits could make your life easier and more comfortable. Switches and lights placed near the bed allow you to turn appliances on and off without getting out from beneath the sheets.

Finally, the book has a special section on dressing rooms and cupboards. Planning these aspects of a bedroom are important if you expect to keep the living area tidy, well organized and free from an accumulation of clothes.

To order a copy of the 80-page book, Bedrooms, Remodeling and Decorating, book No. 11122, send $14.95 (price includes postage and GST) by cheque or money order made payable to Home & Garden and mail to: Home & Garden/The Vancouver Sun, Box 160, Cote St. Luc, Montreal, Que., H4V 2Y3.

For a host of storage ideas specifically for the bedroom and bath, ask for Bedroom and Bath Storage, book No. 1122X. This 80-page edition has 50 innovative and adaptable projects to make these two rooms cleaner and more organized. It also costs $14.95 (postage and GST included). Both books together are $27.

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