Above Ground Swimming Pool Pumps Can Save You Money

What is a best pool pumps? Look Aside from size and pressure, above ground swimming pool pumps operate the same as in ground swimming pool pumps. However, above ground swimming pool pumps do have a particular advantage over their in ground cousins: their small size promotes energy efficiency.

You can save money and maintain a clean, comfortable pool by using a smaller, higher efficiency pump – like an above ground swimming pool pump – and operating it less often. Basically, the larger the pump, the greater the pumping and maintenance costs. Studies have show that pool owners who use smaller, energy efficient pumps, like above ground swimming pool pumps, save as much as 75% of the cost it regularly takes to operate a pool pump. A study of swimming pools in Florida has shown that .75 horsepower or smaller pump – about the size of most above ground swimming pool pumps – is sufficient for most residential pools.

Besides sizing down the pump, there are other measures you can take to increase the energy efficiency of your pool pump. Decreasing the pool’s hydraulic resistance helps smaller above ground swimming pool pumps efficiently move the large amounts of water in an in ground pool. Use a larger filter – one at least 50% higher than the pool’s flow rate – and increase the diameter or decrease the length of the piping from the pool to pump. Above ground pool pumps are routinely placed at a closer distance the pool than in ground pumps because they are smaller. Not only does this decrease back pressure, causing strain on the pump, but it also means there is less piping to maintain.  Another thing to do is replace 90 degree elbow pipes with 45 degree pipes or flexible piping. These simple things alone can reduce the pool pump’s electricity use by almost half.

above ground pool pump

Pool owners, whether they are using above ground swimming pool pumps or in ground pumps tend to run their pumps far longer than they need to. Circulating the pool water mixes the chemicals in the water and removes debris, but so long as the water is circulating when the chemicals are added they should stay mixed and debris can removed with a skimmer or vacuum. There is no need to keep pumping the water. Reduce the filtration time to six hours per day and be sure to keep intake grates clear. Clogged intake grates and drains cause the pump to work harder, increasing energy costs.

Smaller pool pumps are more energy efficient pool pumps, saving you money while keeping your pool clean and clear. If you’d like to enjoy savings on your pumping costs, look to above ground pool pumps when installing or replacing your pump, regardless of whether you have an in ground or above ground pool. If you like this article, you can read more review about swimming pool equipment’s like best robotic pool cleaner, best pool filter, best pool heater or best pool floats.

Food Packaging Photography Italian Style

While strolling the condiments aisle of my local Portland area Market of Choice last week, I was stopped mid-stride by a beautiful, uniquely shaped bottle and package label that caught my eye. The product melbourne photo booth hire is Il Condimento from La Vecchia Dispensa of Italy and the label lets you know immediately that it’s authentic.

The shape of the bottle is stunning, and as a food photographer who does a lot of product packaging photography, I was totally intrigued and impressed. The bottle is tapered on all four sides from near the top to near the bottom where it flares out to create a clear base.

Attached to the neck are two handles which could probably be used for pouring but they’re more likely meant to be decorative. The foil top features a wax seal as does the bottom of the label. The label itself is entirely unique – the top and bottom of the label are both split in the middle creating a curling effect and the edges are designed to imply the label has been scorched or burned in a fire.

My close-up photo does not suggest that the bottle is just under 7 inches tall and approximately 2 inches across at its widest part, or that it holds just over 3 ounces of liquid. What impressed me was the lavish product packaging and exquisite attention to detail. This is the kind of food packaging that not only stops you in the aisle, but it is extremely effective in magazine advertising campaigns, television ads, and in social media. The package designer definitely came up with the Wow! factor for this product.

Although I was completely drawn in by the design of the product, I wondered: what is it exactly? My wife, a gourmet cook, knew right away; she described Il Condimento as a finishing sauce for a wide variety of foods. The label on the back of the bottle describes it as “very dense and decidedly sweet flavor. Ideal for cheese, grilled vegetables, ice-cream; final touch add to first courses like risotto, ravioli, potatoes gnocchi seasoned with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano.” Can’t you hear the Italian accent?

That evening we drizzled Il Condimento on a gorgeous risotto and very much enjoyed the enhanced flavor. I’m thinking ice cream next time . . .

Whether you’re into food photography, appreciate excellence in package design, or simply love to cook, the next time you visit your local Market of Choice or gourmet grocery store, be sure to stop by the condiments aisle and take a look at this outstanding example of truly great product packaging.

Create Pictures Instead of Destroying Them with a Photoshop Mask

Photoshop has been the standard in picture editing software for a long time. However, a lot of people that use it spend most of their time doing basic crops or using automatic tools. Those that want to experiment a bit more pull out the eraser tool and start rubbing out the areas they don’t like. If you are a maestro with a mouse, that is fine, but most of corporate video production Melbourne us make mistakes. The eraser tool is considered a destructive photo editing method, which means that if you do make a mistake you have to start again from the beginning. This is why we have the Photoshop mask option.

Destructive photo editing does not mean that you are mutilating your images forever. You always have the option to undo, but that can get very annoying. Destructive, in this case, means that you are making changes directly to the colour pixels that make up your image. The eraser tool is an excellent example, but there are many others. All you have to do is go up to “Image” in your navigation bar, go to “Adjustments” and choose anyone of them. These are all considered destructive, because if you don’t like the changes you can’t alter them once completed. You have to undo the process completely.

This does not mean that you can’t use these adjustments; you just need to use them in a different way. Using a Photoshop mask allows you to make any changes you like to a picture without damaging the pixels. Just like a mask in the real world, it simply hides them. The best thing about masks is that you can always toggle them on and off and re-enter the settings for further alteration even when they are already in place. To enable photo masks all you need to do is go into your layers palette. Look for the “Adjustment Layer” icon in the bottom right-hand corner. By clicking on it, you will see almost all of the same options as you did in the navigation bar. Choosing one of these will add a new layer on top of your picture. You will not be able to see it, but it will show up in your layers palette as “Levels 1.” Any adjustments that you make now will only apply to your Photoshop mask.

Masks have another great adjustments feature as well. You can make selective adjustments to one part of your picture without affecting the rest. To do this, place an adjustment layer over your picture and then active your paintbrush. Painting over your layer with the colour black will tell Photoshop that these areas should not be affected. If you make a mistake you can change the colour to white to uncover a section. Then you continue with your adjustments like you normally would. You can do this with as many layers as you like and you will never harm a single pixel of your original. Destructive Photoshop techniques can be very time consuming and do not allow much freedom. When you use a Photoshop mask, you will understand how versatile and easy to use it is.